Krumbees Orchard, 33 Photos

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Took the crew to Emma Krumbees Orchard & Farm for the Scarecrow Festival.

Give me the keys... Hay! Onward! Ha...uhhh..funny! Don't fence me in... Jack Pony Lucy on a Tractor Ride Free apples! Lucy still looking at goats Jack Pony Ride BIG Scarecrow Lucy looking at goats Jack on the move Kings of the mountain Lucy on a bridge Apple Trees Jack on a Pony Ride Doh! More tombstones Ralph Mouth and Potzi? Jack Jack and Lucy I'm not sure what's up with the gun... Apple Trees Jack and DeAnne Jack of Arabia DeAnne on a bridge Lucy is Rolling Jack the Camel Master Kids for sale Aaaaaayyy Jack in a haystack Jack on a Pony Ride

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