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Jay Dreyer :: Testing Out Flickr

Testing Out Flickr

Testing Out Flickr
New test to see if the clear:both helps out.

Woo hoo! Changed the form so that there is a clear:both after the body but before the comments. The image is float:right so if there isn’t enough text, the comment bar would cut the picture in half. Not pretty.

So, now I can post pix straight from the phone, and everything comes up xhtml valid. Very cool.

By the way, this is a picture of Jack at Target a month or so ago. We were in the sporting goods section and he started putting everything on. That’s a backwards batting helmet on his head and a tennis racket in his hands. DeAnne and I were looking at something while he was putting everything on. He came around the corner to show us. Very funny stuff. I guess silly shots like this make having a camera on your phone worthwhile. At least that is what I told DeAnne…


| posted 08/05/2005 05:46 PM