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Jay Dreyer

Minn 23 - UM 20



Comment | posted 10/09/2005 12:08 AM

Big Win for Big Blue

Rivas after winning field goal Ahhh…all is right with the world again after Michigan’s 34-31 OT win over Michigan State today. It was a pretty good game with tons of offense in the first half and lots of mistakes in the second. For a while it looked like Michigan was in control, then State, then Michigan, then State, etc. I didn’t have a good feeling heading into overtime after the chip shot field goal was missed by Rivas, but UM ended up with the victory.

Hats off to the UM defense. Sure, 31 points is a lot to give up, but 7 of those came on MSU’s fumble recovery for a touchdown. Holding Stanton to one touchdown pass and 24 points in a big home game is an accomplishment in my book.

Also, what a game by Mike Hart! It’s painful to think of what a difference he might have made in the ND and Wisconsin games. Mike Hart - Stud. He rushed for 222 yards and a TD in his first game back after missing the last two with a hamstring injury. For the 1000th time, the winner of the game was the team with the highest rushing total (223-177).

Tough loss for MSU. From listening to sports radio all week, the game was pretty much conceded to the Spartans beginning last Sunday morning. Many thought MSU would blow out the Wolverines hastening the end of the Lloyd Carr era. No such luck for the gang.


Comment | posted 10/01/2005 10:24 PM

White Sox Game

White Sox game

Just a fantastic picture of my friends Ryan and John. The Sox ended up losing the game 5-0 and were shut out by the always dangerous Shawn Chacon.

It was the 40th anniversary of the Beatles playing at Comiskey park so they had about 8 or 9 Beatles cover bands all over the place. A special hat’s off to Pete Best who threw out the first pitch. If you don’t know who he is, Pete Best was the original drummer for the Beatles before they kicked him out and added Ringo. No word on if Clarence Walker was in the house.


Comment [2] | posted 08/20/2005 04:00 PM

Randy Moss Smoked Pot??? Gasp!

You have to be kidding me! This is news??? Didn’t Randy get pulled over in Minneapolis and found to be in possession of pot a couple years ago? Why is this news? I had the Cardinals/Diamondbacks on TV yesterday and every 28 minutes, John Buccigross would come on and announce to the world that Randy Moss admitted to smoking pot. Wow. Next thing you know they’ll be telling me that Jason Giambi took steroids.


Comment | posted 08/19/2005 11:50 AM

MLB All-Star Game -Thanks Glen-All-Mighty!

I’ve been so busy moving all of the sites to a new host, learning linux/Fedora/Debian, mySql, php, mambo and a million shell commands that I haven’t had time to write about the 2005 MLB All-Star game at Comerica Park this year.

I lucked out in a huge way when my friend Glen told me he had an extra ticket to the Futures game/FanFest on Sunday, as well as the main event Tuesday night. $165, 2 hats and a blog shout out later, I was there. Glen and the Big Boy

It was awesome. A dream come true for me. The whole time I was at the game I kept thinking, “Damn! It’s the all-star game…and it’s here in Detroit…and I’m here!” My wife thinks I’m nuts but deep down I think she understands.

Al Kaline and Willie Horton threw out the first pitch, some guy I’ve never heard of sang the national anthem and we received a flyover by a Stealth bomber. The game itself was ok. The AL jumped out to a 7-0 lead, which was fine with me. We got to boo Kenny Rogers as he warmed up in the bullpen (our seats were in the first row of the upper deck, near the scoreboard…very cool), and we were fairly close to Tejada’s home run early in the game. I took a few pictures and I might try to get those posted on here one way or another.

All in all, it was a fantastic night, despite the brief rain shower at the end of the game. The city looked great, and everything went smoothly. A lot of people that hadn’t been to Detroit in a long time (including many from the suburbs) were impressed, I guess, which bodes well for the Super Bowl this January.


Comment | posted 07/27/2005 11:47 AM

Say Nice Things About Detroit…

As you may know, the MLB All-Star game is being held in Detroit this year, and next year brings the Super Bowl. While just about everyone here is thrilled with the prospect of hosting these big-time events, there exists a slight undercurrent of fear. Why? Well, we’re all a little sensitive when it comes to folks describing our city. People that don’t live here or haven’t visited in a while all have the same tired, old impression of the place – high crime, burning buildings, dreary, etc. As a recent example, I’d point you to Dan LeBatard’s column in the Miami Herald, but they want you to pay for it. Another example is Jimmy Kimmel’s off-handed remark about buildings being burned down if the Pistons were to win last year’s NBA championship. They won, but nothing burned, as usual. Kimmel caught so much heat for his joke (his show was yanked from channel 7 here for a night or two) he ended up apologizing on the air.

To my surprise today, I found an article about the city that wasn’t negative and couldn’t believe it. It’s on and was written by Jason Whitlock. He sums it up pretty well for us. The little fella has a decent column today, as well. I think this time he wrote about things that actually happened instead of using his ability to see the future. It’s nice to see something positive in print about the city for a change, instead of the tired, old cliches. Don’t get me wrong, Detroit has a lot of issues and it is far from perfect. If you’re going to rip on the city, at least use something a little more up to date than bringing up images from 20 years ago.


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Enough With “Bondie”

OK…I’ve had it with Jim Price, color analyst of the Detroit Tigers, referring to Jeremy Bonderman as “Bondie”. Adding the ”-ie” sound to the end of a player’s name works great in hockey (Stevie, Shanny, Cheli, etc.) but that’s about the only place. I’m OK with Higgy (the name, not the player) but Bondie just sounds wrong on so many levels. I don’t care if that’s his nickname around the clubhouse, either.

And it’s not like Price says it once or twice a game. I think he’s being paid by 1270 to say Bondie as many times as possible. Does Bonderman actually like being called Bondie? Is this possible? Bondie??? Ack. Enough.


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