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Jay Dreyer

Happy Halloween!

Originally uploaded by JayDreyer.

No, I haven’t fallen off the face of the Earth…it’s just been pretty crazy up here as of late. To tide you over, I’ve uploaded a few new pictures of Jack and Lucy in their Halloween costumes.

I’m not sure how it is everywhere else, but it was COLD here today. Below freezing during trick or treat time. I’m still warming back up. Poor Jack’s little ears were all red. There was no slowing him down from accumulating candy for his father to eat, however. What a trooper.


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The Mall of America

The Mall of America
This weekend’s grand adventure and immersion into Minneapolis living was a trip to the insanely huge Mall of America. (Of course, we couldn’t go to the Mall of America without stopping off first at Ikea. We just couldn’t.)

We have tried to stay away from it, and reserve going there for when/if friends and family visit. But, few friends and family have visited, it was raining, and it has an indoor aquarium. And it’s next to Ikea – key in DeAnne’s reasoning.

So…what can I say about this place? It’s big. Really big, as Shatner would say. It has an indoor amusement park, an underground aquarium (complete with sharks you can go swimming with – for $200. I asked if the sharks had frickin’ laser beams attached to their heads. I was the only one who found this humorous besides Jack, who is my personal Ed McMahon.), a gazillion stores (I counted!), and tons of crappy fast food restaurants.

I think DeAnne and I are still dazed from the experience. We didn’t even really shop. We just walked around, looked at stuff, checked out the aquarium and left. I tried to find a pen (I need a small pen I can hang on my keychain…these exist, right? Where can I find one?) but I didn’t have much luck. We also went to Brooks Brothers where I found a great sports coat for, gulp, $500. “No way,” said DeAnne. “That’s our new bathroom from Ikea!” I couldn’t argue with her.

It’s not a great place for really little kids, unless you’re trying to lose them, in which case it’s an excellent place. Jack liked the aquarium, Lego-land, and hide-and-seek in Brooks Brothers. Lucy seemed to enjoy the aquarium. It was like a real-life Baby Einstein video for her. DeAnne liked Ikea.

What did I like? Leaving.


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Visit to the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden

Sculpture Garden (1)
Originally uploaded by kaline.
We ventured downtown today and checked out the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. It's a neat place right next to the Walker Art Center and the Basilica. Lot's to see, although it was a little bit toasty for Jack and Lucy. All in all, however, it was a nice time. It's good to get out once in a while! Click on the picture to check out the rest of the gallery. Or you can view the whole set.

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New Pics Up

I posted some new pictures of Jack and Lucy in the gallery. I’ll work on getting some more new ones up when I get some time. Ha!


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Finally…after six months we finally closed on the sale of our home in Ferndale. We had to drop the price substantially over that period, but we’re happy to get the deal done and move on. We managed to make a few more dollars over what the buyout price from Target was, but not much more. At this point, we’re just relieved to be done with the whole ordeal.

To give you an idea of how bad the market in Detroit has been, here is an article from the Detroit News that explains the situation there.


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I'm Still Here!

Wow. I don’t think I had but one post in May. Sorry about that. Life has been extremely hectic lately but things are slowly beginning to settle down now. I’ll have more time to write my grumpy old man ramblings in the coming weeks.

I am living in our new home in Plymouth, Minnesota now. The movers came on June 5th and with the help of my parents, we were able to make the house livable in two days. I’ve spent every evening since then (not to mention all day on the weekends) working on getting things put away and reducing the number of piles of stuff laying about the house. I’m down to the laundry room, garage, and Lucy’s room. I’m amazed at how much crap stuff we have. Luckily there is a lot of storage space here so I’ve been working on getting things organized.

DeAnne and the kids will arrive at the end of June. DeAnne had a few complications following the delivery and she is recuperating at her parent’s house in Clinton Township, MI. My parents took Jack off of her hands and they are working on getting him potty trained. So far, it sounds like they have been successful. DeAnne’s recovery is too slow for her pace but, in general, she is doing well. Luckily for us my mom will be coming out with her and the kids at the end of June to help out. Her parents will be visiting some time in July, I believe.

All in all, I love living here. Our house is great, and so is the neighborhood. The people here are very friendly and the weather has been fantastic. I’m looking forward to showing DeAnne and the kids the sites around the cities. There is a lot to see and do here if you just take the time.


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Introducing Lucy Anne Dreyer!

Lucy Anne Dreyer

Not much time to write but here is our new daughter, born at 1:13 AM on Saturday, May 6th. She weighed in at 7 lbs, 8 oz and was 20.5” long. The delivery took over 30 hours but DeAnne and Lucy are doing just great.

Yes…Lucy is another clone of DeAnne, just like Jack.

Update Pictures of Lucy have been added to the gallery…


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My Minneapolis Map

I made this Google Map so you could get an idea of where I am here in downtown Minneapolis. If you zoom out, you’ll see some other markers, including one for our new house in Plymouth. Click on the markers for more information. I don’t know if this works in Internet Explorer or not, but it definitely works with Firefox.


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Move update

Hey all…

It’s been a busy week so I haven’t had time to post anything. DeAnne and I spent last week in Minneapolis house hunting. We had a successful trip and found a place in Plymouth, MN. It’s a suburb about 15-20 minutes outside of Minneapolis. If you’re curious, I posted some pictures in the new photo gallery section of the web site. Just click the Gallery link in the navigation bar to check them out.

We had a really great time in the city. There are a lot of nice restaurants and we basically ate our way through town. It was a crazy week there because the NCAA regional final was at the Metrodome while the Minnesota High School boys basketball tournament was happening at the Target Center. Both facilities are downtown so there was always something going on nearby.

I head out to Minneapolis this weekend and start working at Target on Monday. I can’t believe it’s already time to get to work. I’m off this week just trying to spend as much time with DeAnne and Jack as possible before I leave. We don’t close on the new house until June 2nd so I’ll be away from the family for a while. With DeAnne due in May, it’s a tough time for all of this to happen but it will all work out in the long run. It’s just going to be a tough couple of months. Luckily, Target has a really nice relocation package so I’ll get to fly home 4 times. I’ll use one trip for when the new baby is born and another for when we move. The other two will be used sometime before then. We’ll see how it all works out!

No new news on selling our house here in Ferndale. We’ve had a couple of showings but no offers yet. Keep your fingers crossed!


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The Dreyer's are Moving!

Minnesota Quarter
That’s right! After 15 years (for me) and a lifetime (for DeAnne and Jack) it’s time to pack it up and move on to bigger and better things. DeAnne loosened the moving restrictions this year and agreed that the job market and future here in Detroit just isn’t as promising as we’d like it to be. I’m not an automotive engineer/designer/etc., and after that, there’s not much else to do here.

So where are we headed? Minneapolis, Minnesota. I never imagined we’d end up there, but that’s where we’re going. I just accepted an offer to work for a really big retailer as a business analyst on their .com endeavors. The job and company are fantastic and I can’t wait to get started. Target Dog

What I would like to wait on, however, is all of the upcoming activity preceding the move. In a short amount of time I need to sell our current house, find a new house in Minnesota, move, and figure out where our new child will be born. (Should DeAnne stay in Detroit and have the baby or will things work out so that we’ll all be in Minnesota when the big day arrives?) Who knows? It’s going to be a stressful couple of months but we’re really excited about it.


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