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Jay Dreyer :: Week One...

Week One...

My first week in Minneapolis is in the books and it’s been a good one. I moved into my apartment on Sunday and started work on Monday. It’s been really nice living downtown. I walk everywhere and haven’t used my car since I parked it when I arrived. Work is about 6 blocks away and I’m right next to Nicollet Avenue where there are lots of restaurants, bars and places to shop.

Work has been good so far. The team I’m on is very nice and everyone has been really friendly. I’ve been working on getting up to speed with the application I’ll be working on, as well as learning all of the ins-and-outs related to Target. Luckily they gave me a nice laptop so I’m able to use it at my apartment. I’d go crazy without it.

I’ve been walking around the city quite a bit trying to figure out where everything is. I spent most of the day on Saturday just walking around taking pictures. You can check them out in the Minneapolis album in the gallery. Highlights included the Mississippi River and Saint Mary’s Basilica. Very neat.

DeAnne and Jack sound like they are doing well back in Ferndale. DeAnne’s family and friends have been helping her out, which is a big relief to me. Their support is very much appreciated. I still can’t get Jack to talk to me on the phone…the best I get are some barks. Oh well. The realtor is holding an open house today so hopefully we’ll find a buyer soon.


| posted 04/09/2006 05:16 PM