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Jay Dreyer :: Too Cool!

Too Cool!

Man…where was this when I was little? Lego has created the Lego Factory that lets you build your own creations on your computer. OK, that’s kind of neat, but stay with me. The really cool part is that you can actually turn your design into a real Lego kit that the company will send to you in its own box. So, say you design your dream house out of Legos using the system. If you want, Lego can get all of the necessary pieces together, put them in a box and ship them to you. Now you have your very own, unique Lego set. Even cooler is that Lego is turning some of the designs into real kits that can be purchased by anyone. Amazing.


| posted 09/15/2005 01:22 PM

Permanent link to this comment  ayers  on  09/15/2005 08:14 PM  said: 
It’s a complete crock of shit and I don’t believe for a second. Wait a minute, my CNN emergency news alert just flashed up for my keyword “LEGO” and confirmed your ill-fated claim. So great, now I’ll have to compete with the juvenile Danish juggernaugt for scale models. I got some ideas. So who gets the design money??
Permanent link to this comment  Jay  on  09/16/2005 12:00 PM  said: 
Sorry, Mark. Maybe you can design houses to scale using lego blocks, and then build them in front of your customers to give them a true 3-d feel for your design. Then, if they decide to use your plans, they get to keep the lego model to show it to friends and family. Sounds like a winner! If they don’t like the design, you just sell it at You can’t lose!