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Jay Dreyer :: Things that drive me nuts

Things that drive me nuts

I told you the grumpy old man in me is coming out…

People and things sometimes bother me. Sometimes they bother me enough to write about them. Here are some examples:

The Applebee’s Guys
I cringe everytime these commercials come on. Actually, I change the station. But, sometimes you just can’t change it. Maybe you’re at a bar or you’re a guest in someone’s home. All I know is that my life would be better if the water in the first commercial had risen about 12 inches higher and washed them away to China.

Alonozo Mourning
Yeah! Alonzo got his ring. Woo hoo! Yippee! Listen. I have a lot of respect for Mourning after coming back from all of his kidney issues and playing at a high level. In fact, I think he was Miami’s second best player in the playoffs. But I think what he did to the New Jersey Nets was low class. After Mourning was diagnosed with kidney issues, New Jersey could have cut Mourning. Instead, they kept him on the roster and continued to pay him his full salary. When Mourning returned, instead of being grateful to the Nets for hanging with him, he demanded a trade to a contender and eventually ended up in Miami. Nice.

The guy who used to own my house and fixed the washing machine with duct tape and wood scraps
Nice. Actually, it was good for a laugh. I have the contraption somewhere in the basement. I just need to take a picture of it so it can be preserved in the duct tape hall of fame.

People that don’t update their blogs
Doh. That’s me.


| posted 06/28/2006 12:34 PM