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Jay Dreyer :: Super Bowl XL Is Over - Detroit Exhales

Super Bowl XL Is Over - Detroit Exhales

Super Bowl XL Logo

Last night wrapped up a pretty exciting week of action here in Detroit as the Steelers obtained the “one for the thumb” by beating the Seattle Seahawks 21-10. From what I’ve read on various web sites and newspapers, Detroit did a great job as host. This pat on the back from the media will finally allow the area’s residents to relax and quit worrying about what could go wrong. Few will admit it now, but most of the people I know here were just waiting for the whole thing to fall apart. It didn’t happen and that’s good news.

We didn’t get to participate much in the festivities, although we did attend the Motown Winter Blast downtown in Campus Martius. We [my wife, son and I] had a great time despite the constant drizzle. Jack went down the ice slide, which impressed DeAnne and me because it looked rather intimidating from the side lines. Jack has little fear when it comes to these types of things and he had a big smile on his face when his ride came to an end.

I did not receive my expected invitations to the SI/Maxim/Playboy/Penthouse/Jenna Jameson parties so I don’t have any great stories for you. The invitations must have been lost in the mail. I can only assume that’s what happened. My big chance to hit the bars in Royal Oak fell through when my friend Alex called and said he was too tired to party any more. Lame. Since DeAnne is pregnant and Jack is 18 years away from legal drinking in public establishments, I had no readily available drinking buddies and was therefore forced to watch the end of a Tivo-d One Tree Hill episode. DeAnne had the remote.


| posted 02/06/2006 06:47 PM

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Big ups to Detroit. Nobody doubted them more than I, but then I started to sense I may be wrong when I went to the All Star Home Run Derby in the summer. Huge success and I look forward to going downtown this summer for Tigers games.