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Jay Dreyer :: Strange DVD Burner Issue

Strange DVD Burner Issue

I have a Sony DRU 540A DVD burner that suddenly decided it didn’t want to burn DVDs for me anymore. I had probably burned about 40-50 discs since January with nary a coaster but suddenly things changed. I called up Sony tech support after running their diagnostic tool and this is what they had me do:

  • First they had me try and use different media. No dice. Same problem.
  • Next, I called them back up and they had me do the following:
    • Make the drive a master by itself
    • Remove the Nero software I was using that was installed with the drive
    • Use Nero’s “general clean tool” to do whatever it does…
    • Re-boot!
    • Reinstall the Nero Suite
    • D/L and install the Nero updates (1 and 2) from their web-site. The interesting note on this one is that they had me install update #2 first, then #1.

I thought this was a bunch of bs and didn’t think it would work at all. I went home last night, did everything they said, and now it works. Go figure.

The only problem is that right now my Sony cd burner isn’t connected because I have the dvd burner running on its own. I’ll eventually get around to hooking it back up and seeing if they can play nicely together again. I have no idea why this suddenly happened, or which step from above fixed it, but it works.

So, hats off to Sony tech support and an apology for my lack of faith in their proposed solutions. Mmmmmm….crow.


| posted 08/24/2005 12:07 PM

Permanent link to this comment  Joe  on  08/24/2005 04:59 PM  said: 
I had a similar problem when installing an HP DVD burner into my HP computer with a factory HP CDRW drive. Could not get them to play nicely together. Never bothered since, but it still irks me.