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Jay Dreyer :: Say Nice Things About Detroit…

Say Nice Things About Detroit…

As you may know, the MLB All-Star game is being held in Detroit this year, and next year brings the Super Bowl. While just about everyone here is thrilled with the prospect of hosting these big-time events, there exists a slight undercurrent of fear. Why? Well, we’re all a little sensitive when it comes to folks describing our city. People that don’t live here or haven’t visited in a while all have the same tired, old impression of the place – high crime, burning buildings, dreary, etc. As a recent example, I’d point you to Dan LeBatard’s column in the Miami Herald, but they want you to pay for it. Another example is Jimmy Kimmel’s off-handed remark about buildings being burned down if the Pistons were to win last year’s NBA championship. They won, but nothing burned, as usual. Kimmel caught so much heat for his joke (his show was yanked from channel 7 here for a night or two) he ended up apologizing on the air.

To my surprise today, I found an article about the city that wasn’t negative and couldn’t believe it. It’s on and was written by Jason Whitlock. He sums it up pretty well for us. The little fella has a decent column today, as well. I think this time he wrote about things that actually happened instead of using his ability to see the future. It’s nice to see something positive in print about the city for a change, instead of the tired, old cliches. Don’t get me wrong, Detroit has a lot of issues and it is far from perfect. If you’re going to rip on the city, at least use something a little more up to date than bringing up images from 20 years ago.


| posted 07/11/2005 04:11 PM