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Jay Dreyer :: Playoff Blues

Playoff Blues

I’m late on this posting but man…what a depressing playoff season. I went into it with high hopes – both the Red Wings and the Pistons were top seeds with the best records in their respective leagues. Right on cue, however, the Red Wings lost in the first round (a disturbing trend) and the Pistons fell apart against Miami. Actually, the Pistons fell apart beginning with game 3 against Cleveland. I’d love to know what happened there. It’s like somebody flipped a switch or something.

With my teams out, it was time to start rooting against teams I don’t like. If I had to pick a team in each league that I’d really hate to win the championship, it would be the Carolina Hurricanes and the Miami Heat. So it figures that both went on to win the title.

Why root against these two? Well, Carolina is owned by Pete Karmanos, owner of my former company. I can’t stand the guy and I was rooting against him. I would have loved to have seen all of the Carolina suck-ups that come out of the woodwork at Compuware this time of year but I’ve moved on. [For the record, I think if I never worked for Karmanos I would love the guy. The things he’s done the last couple of years at Compuware, however, really drove me nuts and, eventually, drove me away.]

I wanted to see Miami lose for a couple of reasons. Number one, I like Dallas. I went to high school there and I wanted to see them win. Number two, I can’t stand Alonzo Mourning. Number three, I can’t stand Pat Riley. Number four, I hate the Dwayne Wade whiner face – it’s almost as bad as that face Labron James makes when he hits a big shot. (He looks like he’s trying to figure out who just ripped a big stinky one in his house or something. Trust me…watch the highlights.)

So I’m bitter, but things are ok. Thankfully the Tigers are winning at an unbelievable pace. Normally, if the Wings and Pistons lost in the playoffs, Detroit would start thinking about Lions training camp (to me, an even more depressing subject) because the Tigers were always so bad. Not this year.

Go Tigers!


| posted 06/28/2006 12:19 PM