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Jay Dreyer :: Nail-Clipping at Work...

Nail-Clipping at Work...

Nail Clippers

OK. I know this is slightly disgusting but I need a sanity check here. Is it now ok to clip your nails at work? In your cube?? Did I miss the memo on this? At my current assignment, I sit right next to three different people that clip their nails in their cubes. Not in the bathroom or outside, but right in their cubes. When did this become acceptable? Or am I going overboard here?

Clip…clip….clip…..clip. Ugh!


| posted 02/21/2006 03:16 PM

Permanent link to this comment  Joe  on  02/23/2006 06:31 PM  said: 

This happens in other offices?! I thought I just worked with a bunch of dirtbags!

I’m going to start flossing my teeth at my desk after lunch. Even the ones in the back.

Permanent link to this comment  Jay  on  02/23/2006 06:35 PM  said: 

Yes. Not even an office, really, it’s in their cubes. And our cubes here don’t have high walls or anything.

Funny you say that about flossing. The guy in the cube next to me (who also clips his nails) flosses after lunch every day. Woo hoo!

The best part about this post is the great Google ads that show up. Yuck!

Permanent link to this comment  John  on  02/27/2006 01:43 PM  said: 

Some day before work, clip your own nails then deposit them on your co-worker’s desk so that it spells out “STOP IT”. Make sure they’re really dirty, too.

Permanent link to this comment  Doesnt Matter  on  03/30/2006 02:11 PM  said: 

I used to sit next to a guy who would pick his nose when he thought no one was looking. Every so often I’d be a level or two above, and I would look over the side and see this guy pick his nose sometimes for several long minutes. So I guess I don’t think clipping nails is so bad. Of course you probably don’t have to be so rude to the “dirtbags” by doing something as assinine as leaving your clippings in their cube (Were there’s going over into your cube?) but maybe just mention it bothered you. Anywho, nice knowing you Jay! Best of luck to ya!

Permanent link to this comment  Jay  on  03/30/2006 02:18 PM  said: 

Ha! Sorry to hear about Keith picking his nose so much. ;-)

What’s with the fake email addresses???