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Jay Dreyer :: Me and Bullseye

Me and Bullseye

Jay and Bullseye
We had our annual Target holiday (don’t call it Christmas!) party yesterday and the surprise star of the show was Bullseye, the Target mascot. He’s quite the trooper. He probably posed for about 300-400 pictures when all was said and done. I believe his name is Nick, but I might not have heard his handler correctly. He’s well behaved, that’s for sure.


| posted 12/16/2006 02:12 AM

Permanent link to this comment  Petur Kermonknows.  on  12/18/2006 06:20 PM  said: 

Which one is the dog in the picture? I dont get it.

Permanent link to this comment  John bob  on  01/04/2007 04:25 PM  said: 

They probably fed him some Xanax from the Target pharmacy. Wake up, Bullzzzzzeye, wake up!