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Jay Dreyer :: Jinzora - Web-based mp3 Jukebox

Jinzora - Web-based mp3 Jukebox

I’ve been playing around with a program called Jinzora. You can check out a demo at their web site, but it’s basically a way to stream out your music collection over the internet or your home network or a CMS, or all of the above. I was looking for a different way to do this than by using MusicMatch, which is a cool program but it doesn’t run on Linux and I have to worry about licensing stuff that I don’t have time for. It installed fairly easily and I had it up and running on my debian server in no time.

Just goofing around at work I tried to see if I could hit the site from here and I could. So, I’ve been listening to my music today. Not sure how the bandwidth police would feel about that but I did increase the compression so hopefully it hasn’t been too bad.

There are a few things I’m not too crazy about – I don’t know how to edit artist’s names, nor do I see an easy way to categorize things, but all in all, it’s a neat program. I’m still in the early stages of playing around with this but so far I think it will work. My biggest problem, as mentioned earlier, is dealing with all of my wma files. Linux doesn’t seem to like them so I can only listen to tunes on a Windows PC at the moment.

I did check out a few other programs, most notably slimserver, but I didn’t fool around with it too much. I think there were a few dependencies I didn’t set up or something. Basically, if I have to compile anything, I’m hosed because I haven’t mastered that yet.

If you have any suggestions for good alternatives to Jinzora or slimserver, let me know.


| posted 08/02/2005 06:07 PM