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Jay Dreyer :: I'm Still Here!

I'm Still Here!

Wow. I don’t think I had but one post in May. Sorry about that. Life has been extremely hectic lately but things are slowly beginning to settle down now. I’ll have more time to write my grumpy old man ramblings in the coming weeks.

I am living in our new home in Plymouth, Minnesota now. The movers came on June 5th and with the help of my parents, we were able to make the house livable in two days. I’ve spent every evening since then (not to mention all day on the weekends) working on getting things put away and reducing the number of piles of stuff laying about the house. I’m down to the laundry room, garage, and Lucy’s room. I’m amazed at how much crap stuff we have. Luckily there is a lot of storage space here so I’ve been working on getting things organized.

DeAnne and the kids will arrive at the end of June. DeAnne had a few complications following the delivery and she is recuperating at her parent’s house in Clinton Township, MI. My parents took Jack off of her hands and they are working on getting him potty trained. So far, it sounds like they have been successful. DeAnne’s recovery is too slow for her pace but, in general, she is doing well. Luckily for us my mom will be coming out with her and the kids at the end of June to help out. Her parents will be visiting some time in July, I believe.

All in all, I love living here. Our house is great, and so is the neighborhood. The people here are very friendly and the weather has been fantastic. I’m looking forward to showing DeAnne and the kids the sites around the cities. There is a lot to see and do here if you just take the time.


| posted 06/12/2006 10:07 PM

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Glad to see my favorite blogger is back!