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Jay Dreyer :: I Need a WMA->MP3 Converter...

I Need a WMA->MP3 Converter...

I have a ton (around 50GB) of wma files on my pc and I want to convert them to mp3. Does anyone out there know of an easy to use tool that can do a big ol’ batch conversion?

I’ve found a lot of tools that will convert the files, and a few that do batch conversions, but I don’t like how they do the batch conversions.

What I want, and this is probably a pipe dream, is to just click on my “music” folder and have it go to work. Most of the batch programs I found had you open up each folder, select all of the files, and add them to a cue. If I only had a few folders to deal with, this wouldn’t be a problem. But I’ve got something like 350 artists, who all have one or more sub-folders per album, so all of that clicking is a big pain.

Just curious if there is a solution out there.

I ended up using something called Advanced WMA Workshop to do the conversion. I could not find an easy to use program in linux so I had to run it through Win XP. I had a couple pc’s running non-stop for 3 days and it finally finished this morning. Now I have to re-build the Jinzora database and I should be good to go. Phew.


| posted 08/02/2005 01:41 PM