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Jay Dreyer :: I Love emusic

I Love emusic

I found a great way to add tunes to my music collection that doesn’t include the possibility of jail time. The solution? emusic!

emusic is a digital music service that is similar to iTunes/rhapsody/musicmatch, but in a way, it’s fundamentally different, as well. I’ll try to explain.

Like iTunes and other music services, emusic lets you purchase songs/albums over the internet so they can be played on your PC/iPod/mp3 player. And that’s where the similarities pretty much end. Here are the big differences:

  • emusic lets you download music in good ol’ mp3 format, not some proprietary format like AAC or protected WMA. The benefit here is that I can do whatever I want with the music – burn it to a cd, play it on my Squeezebox, stream it over Jinzora, play it on my imaginary mp3 player, etc. No limitations. In addition, the quality is very high – VBR, usually at least 192 kbps.
  • emusic is way cheaper. The plan I’m on is $10/mo and that gets me 40 downloads. $20/mo gets you 90 tracks. So, compare roughly .25/track to the 99 cents you pay on iTunes. It’s a month-to-month deal so I can quit whenever I want. Sweet!

So, this sounds pretty good, right? Well, there’s a big caveat that will turn most folks off. If you’re looking for the latest music from recent American Idol winners, 50 cent (or is it fiddycent?), or [insert latest pop-sensation here], you’re outta luck. In fact, if you listen to music that is commonly played on FM radio, you probably won’t like emusic’s selection. That’s because it’s almost entirely indie.

For me, emusic is heaven. For others, it’s a joke and there’s not much middle ground. I think it’s fantastic, however, and I highly recommend it if the indie scene is what you’re in to. It’s recharged my musical interests and exposed me to tons of new stuff.

As a quick example, here are some bands that I’ve downloaded from emusic or will download when my credits recharge: New Pornographers, Matthew Sweet, Pavement, Stephen Malkmus, Sufjan Stevens, Grandaddy, Quasi, Paul Westerberg, Interpol, Mitch Hedberg, Ambulance LTD, and Teenage Fanclub. There is also a lot of jazz, classical, rap, you name it. Even Johnny Cash!

If you’re interested, you can click the link in this article and that will give you a free trial that will let you download 50 songs. Whether you sign up after the trial or not, you get to keep the tracks so you don’t have anything to lose. Enjoy!

[Disclaimer: I get $$$ if you do the trial, whether or not you stay with emusic. Even if I didn’t get paid, I’d still recommend it. And no, I won’t get rich promoting emusic…unless 1,000,000 people click that link and sign up…that would be sweet! If my 6 readers sign up, I’ll get enough for a free month at emusic! ;-)]


| posted 01/18/2006 12:21 AM