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Jay Dreyer :: Drinking with the stars...

Drinking with the stars...

Me and Johan
Now THIS was a Cinco de Mayo party. Rare, expensive tequilas, authentic Mexican food, and 2-time Cy Young award winning pitchers in the house. Not my house, actually, a neighbor’s, but really, this is how I roll on a regular basis. Yeah. Johan is the one on the left, by the way.

The night is a blur, which, I think, is due to the tequila, but I’m not positive about that. Just a theory. All I know is evil MLB players forced, FORCED me to do do more shots and then made me do Spanish karaoke. Serious arm twisting was involved and my vehement requests to refrain from such conduct were overruled. I told DeAnne the same story and she has her doubts, which blows my mind.

Anyway, this is the obligatory “Johan is a very cool guy” part of the post. He really is. And he didn’t beat me up when I asked him to pose for the 125th picture. I appreciated that. He’s also about an inch shorter than me (not counting the sombrero), which really surprised me. Not sure why I mention this, just that I normally assume all professional athletes are 7 feet tall. Obviously, I’m not a good at estimating. Despite my height advantage, however, I have a hard time throwing a curve with a wiffle-ball while Johan has no such problems. He can do it with a baseball, too. Amazing.


| posted 05/17/2007 01:07 AM

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Pretty cool stuff dude! Just be careful if you hang out with those guys again and they ask you to go out on a boat on Lake Minnetonka. Although these are the Twins and not the Vikings I wouldn’t risk it.