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Jay Dreyer :: Break up the Tigers!

Break up the Tigers!

Detroit Tigers Logo

It figures. I lived in Detroit for 15 years and the Tigers were horrible. I move to Minneapolis and they start out 5-0. It’s a long season but it’s nice to see them get off to a good start for once. Usually they drop 8 of their first 10 and start out the season behind the 8 ball.

It’s especially nice to see the pitching staff getting off to a good start. All 5 starters won their first starts of the season. Verlander and Bonderman looked especially strong. And what can I say about Chris Shelton? What a start! In 5 games he’s batting .700(!) with 5 homers and 9 rbi. With the Tigers luck, they’ll probably drop the next 10 games but I’ll try to stay positive.



| posted 04/09/2006 05:31 PM

Permanent link to this comment  Tim Mercer  on  05/08/2006 10:42 AM  said: 

Hey Jay,

Did you get the message that Ken and I left you on opening day from Comerica? Just had to rub it in. We missed you. Of course I would probaly not had a ticket had you still been working downtown. That Ken comes through!

Just checking out the web site. Looks great!

Congratulations on Lu-Lu. Love the name and no mistaking that she is Jack’s little sister!

I’ve never been to Minneapolis. Maybe some year we will load up the family truckster and come see you guys.