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Jay Dreyer :: Big Win for Big Blue

Big Win for Big Blue

Rivas after winning field goal Ahhh…all is right with the world again after Michigan’s 34-31 OT win over Michigan State today. It was a pretty good game with tons of offense in the first half and lots of mistakes in the second. For a while it looked like Michigan was in control, then State, then Michigan, then State, etc. I didn’t have a good feeling heading into overtime after the chip shot field goal was missed by Rivas, but UM ended up with the victory.

Hats off to the UM defense. Sure, 31 points is a lot to give up, but 7 of those came on MSU’s fumble recovery for a touchdown. Holding Stanton to one touchdown pass and 24 points in a big home game is an accomplishment in my book.

Also, what a game by Mike Hart! It’s painful to think of what a difference he might have made in the ND and Wisconsin games. Mike Hart - Stud. He rushed for 222 yards and a TD in his first game back after missing the last two with a hamstring injury. For the 1000th time, the winner of the game was the team with the highest rushing total (223-177).

Tough loss for MSU. From listening to sports radio all week, the game was pretty much conceded to the Spartans beginning last Sunday morning. Many thought MSU would blow out the Wolverines hastening the end of the Lloyd Carr era. No such luck for the gang.


| posted 10/01/2005 10:24 PM