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Jay Dreyer :: ABC HD MIA


OK. So let’s say you get a new HD TV. You have Comcast cable, which provides HD feeds from a number of stations. Life is good.

Now, let’s say your favorite basketball team, maybe the Detroit Pistons, is playing its rival from Indiana in a big game 6 matchup that might also be the final game for Reggie Miller. Life is very good.

Next, you know that the NBA playoffs are being broadcast on three different stations – ABC, ESPN and TNT. You also know that all three of these stations have the capability to broadcast in HD. This is fantastic! So, if you were a betting man, which station would you place the highest odds on broadcasting NBA playoff games in HD? Being the HD rookie that I am, I would bet the order would be ABC, ESPN then TNT. Since ABC owns ESPN (actually, Disney owns both), and ESPN broadcasts all sorts of things in HD (even the deuce is HD!) I thought it would be safe to assume that the game on ABC would be HD. No problem. “Lost” was in HD on Wednesday night, as was “Alias”. Playoff basketball games would have to be, right?

Wrong. I was shocked when I put my son to bed, sat down on the couch and fired up ABC and the Pistons-Pacers playoff game. No HD. None. Why is this? As I said before, if ABC and ESPN are owned by the same company, and they both produce HD content, why would you not broadcast a playoff game in HD? Is it because Al Michaels is afraid his wrinkles and dyed hair would appear in greater clarity? Reggie Miller’s ears might frighten small children? Maybe we might be able to read all of the various tattoos on the players. I can’t figure it out.

After the Pistons game ended (a big Detroit win, btw, and a great final performance by Miller) I switched over to ESPN where the Spurs and Sonics were playing. Of course, it was in HD, and it looked beautiful. Why ABC doesn’t broadcast these playoff games in HD is a mystery to me. Maybe they’ll do it for the conference finals.


| posted 05/20/2005 09:41 AM