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Jay Dreyer

Got $3 Million to Spare?

Wow. Almost as surprising as me entering a post on my blog is the size of this guy’s music collection. Amazing. All for the low, low price of $3 million (that’s the starting point, btw). My collection fits in 6 big plastic tubs and 100GB of hard drive space (not counting my Duran Duran and Huey Lewis vinyl, those are on loan to the Smithsonian right now.) As you can see, this collection needs slightly more space.

FYI, you have to pay shipping charges for this. I’m not sure what UPS charges to ship 3 million albums and 300,000 CDs. Maybe the white board guy can figure that out for me.


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Oh My...

Der Kommissar’s in town…uh oh! Does this ever get old? Maybe so.

And for those who wish to kick it old school in English, here is the version you might be more familiar with.

Consider this my Christmas present to you all…

Cha! Cha! Cha! Cha! Cha! Cha! Cha!

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In honor of John Bob...

...Who is a good doctor, I present someone who is a bad doctor. A very bad doctor. YouTube rules my life.


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I can’t stop. Here is the Eradicator. Kids in the Hall. Enjoy.


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The Mall of America

The Mall of America
This weekend’s grand adventure and immersion into Minneapolis living was a trip to the insanely huge Mall of America. (Of course, we couldn’t go to the Mall of America without stopping off first at Ikea. We just couldn’t.)

We have tried to stay away from it, and reserve going there for when/if friends and family visit. But, few friends and family have visited, it was raining, and it has an indoor aquarium. And it’s next to Ikea – key in DeAnne’s reasoning.

So…what can I say about this place? It’s big. Really big, as Shatner would say. It has an indoor amusement park, an underground aquarium (complete with sharks you can go swimming with – for $200. I asked if the sharks had frickin’ laser beams attached to their heads. I was the only one who found this humorous besides Jack, who is my personal Ed McMahon.), a gazillion stores (I counted!), and tons of crappy fast food restaurants.

I think DeAnne and I are still dazed from the experience. We didn’t even really shop. We just walked around, looked at stuff, checked out the aquarium and left. I tried to find a pen (I need a small pen I can hang on my keychain…these exist, right? Where can I find one?) but I didn’t have much luck. We also went to Brooks Brothers where I found a great sports coat for, gulp, $500. “No way,” said DeAnne. “That’s our new bathroom from Ikea!” I couldn’t argue with her.

It’s not a great place for really little kids, unless you’re trying to lose them, in which case it’s an excellent place. Jack liked the aquarium, Lego-land, and hide-and-seek in Brooks Brothers. Lucy seemed to enjoy the aquarium. It was like a real-life Baby Einstein video for her. DeAnne liked Ikea.

What did I like? Leaving.


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Lists of Bests

Lists of Bests Screen Shot
I stumbled upon a cool website the other day if you’re as big into geeky “best of” lists as I am.

It’s called Lists of Bests and it’s free. It’s fairly simple…people create “best-of” lists on the site that everyone can see. You search for a list that interests you and then you can start filling it out.

For example, I am into movie, book, and music lists. If you search my site you’ll find I’ve completed the AFI Top 100 American movies list, and I’m currently working on the Time Magazine top 100, as well as Roger Ebert’s list of great movies. I’ve been maintaing the lists on my site on my own and it’s kind of a pain. Now you can just go to Lists of Bests, find a list and it will keep track of where you stand as far as completing it.

A nice feature of the site is that (usually) it will update other lists for you. How can I explain this…say you start filling out the AFI Top 100 films list. One of the movies on there is the Godfather. Well, as you can imagine, the Godfather is on a lot of “best of” lists. So, if you also decide to tackle the Time Magazine Top 100 list, the Godfather will already be checked off on it. I’d say this works about 90% of the time. It’s pretty handy.

You can work off of lists that people have created or you can make your own. There is a list for just about everything on there so check it out and see if there’s one for you.


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Insanity in Chicago

I love Chicago…it’s probably my favorite city in the U.S. Maybe it’s because I have a lot of friends there, or the pizza, or the bars, or the incredible amount of things to see and do. I don’t know what it is.

Anyway, I think Chicago is losing it. Now that they’ve banned smoking in the city, it looks like people have moved on to more serious issues. Reducing crime? Nope. Improving the schools? Uh uh. They’ve identified the new public enemy number one in the Windy City as none other than foie gras. That’s right. Get it while you can because as of August 22nd, you’ll have to head out to Schaumberg or Barrington to feed that foie gras fix. Nice job, Chicago city council! This would have made a good Sufjan Stevens song for Illinoise. Oh well. – Chicago saying au revoir to foie gras – Aug 14, 2006


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Things that drive me nuts

I told you the grumpy old man in me is coming out…

People and things sometimes bother me. Sometimes they bother me enough to write about them. Here are some examples:

The Applebee’s Guys
I cringe everytime these commercials come on. Actually, I change the station. But, sometimes you just can’t change it. Maybe you’re at a bar or you’re a guest in someone’s home. All I know is that my life would be better if the water in the first commercial had risen about 12 inches higher and washed them away to China.

Alonozo Mourning
Yeah! Alonzo got his ring. Woo hoo! Yippee! Listen. I have a lot of respect for Mourning after coming back from all of his kidney issues and playing at a high level. In fact, I think he was Miami’s second best player in the playoffs. But I think what he did to the New Jersey Nets was low class. After Mourning was diagnosed with kidney issues, New Jersey could have cut Mourning. Instead, they kept him on the roster and continued to pay him his full salary. When Mourning returned, instead of being grateful to the Nets for hanging with him, he demanded a trade to a contender and eventually ended up in Miami. Nice.

The guy who used to own my house and fixed the washing machine with duct tape and wood scraps
Nice. Actually, it was good for a laugh. I have the contraption somewhere in the basement. I just need to take a picture of it so it can be preserved in the duct tape hall of fame.

People that don’t update their blogs
Doh. That’s me.


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Guns Don't Kill People...Chuck Norris Kills People.

Chuck Norris T-Shirt

I’ll bet you didn’t know that tidbit, didya? I’ve learned this and many other fascinating facts over at the Chuck Norris Facts website. An excellent time killer if you haven’t seen it already.

One last fascinating bit of info before I go:

Chuck Norris does not hunt because the word hunting implies
the probability of failure. Chuck Norris goes killing.


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Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all six of my regular readers. The whole house is sick so finding time to write anything has been a bit tough lately. Plus, I have little to write about so that hasn’t helped, either.

But, while I was enjoying a few pops at my friend Joe’s house watiting for the ball to drop at midnight, there appeared before me two images that sent a shiver down my spine.

The first of these images was that of Dick Clark on the Rockin’ New Years-whatever-fest on ABC. Now, I like Dick Clark and I have a HUGE amount of respect for him. But I’ll admit it, I was a little creeped out by him on TV. I understand that he had a stroke, and I give him credit for going out there despite his limitations, but it was still tough to watch. At least it was for me. I haven’t read too much about the reaction to his hosting the show so I might be in a tiny minority that thinks this way (or at least the tiny minority that admits it). It was just tough seeing him like that after watching him do the show for years and years. I read somewhere that he was an inspiration for stroke sufferers, so I guess that’s good. Those are my thoughts on that. [Despite his condition, he’s still better than that Ryan Seacrest goof and whatever chick-of-the-year they brought out this year.]

The next image that both frightens and amazes me is that of Iggy Pop. Iggy Pop was born in April, 1947. That means he’s getting close to 60 freakin’ years old (only 4 years younger than Mick Jagger). And Iggy ROCKS (unlike Jagger)! Some station (VH1? VH1E? MTV? MTV2? MTV33?) showed an Iggy Pop concert well after midnight on New Years Eve/Day and it was amazing. The man is a dynamo. I don’t know how he does it, and really, I’m not sure I want to know. If you don’t know who I’m talking about, here’s a picture:

Iggy Pop - Freak of Nature


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